Hopeful vs. Fearful

In the 15 years that I have been Dr. Dornfeld’s patient, he has worked diligently and tirelessly to get to the root of my curious and confusing health issues. Having been diagnosed with PPMS ( Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis) 10 years ago at the Mayo Clinic, we embarked on a course of diet, vitamin and […]

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Dr. Dornfeld is a very caring and compassionate doctor.

Dr. Dornfeld is a very caring and compassionate doctor. He is passionate about his practice and is always looking for ways to help his patients. It would be very difficult to find a doctor that continues to further his education as Dr. Dornfeld does. You can usually find him at a conference to advance his […]

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The results I experienced were astonishing!

Dr. Dornfeld, Approximately four years ago, I started experiencing health problems which eventually evolved into conditions which were inexplicable. Looking back over this period I seem to recall they first started with gastrological issues. Later they seemed to evolve into many other medical problems ranging from headaches, neuropathy, eye issues, fatigue and other sensitivities to […]

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I give him much credit for keeping me healthy.

The first time I ever called Dr. Dornfeld’s office 15 years ago, looking for a physician, I left a message with his staff. That evening he called me back and talked to me for at least half an hour. Never had a doctor spent that much time with me, and I wasn’t even his patient […]

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Improved health and excellent care is possible with the kind and caring help of Dr. David Dornfeld.

I have known Dr. David Dornfeld, DO for quite a long time, I have been his patient since the mid 1980’s. For that I am very fortunate. Much of the useable knowledge and motivation to focus on maintaining and improving my health came from information Dr. Dornfeld has shared. Dr. Dave as he welcomes being […]

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Dr. David Dornfeld

David Dornfeld, D.O. , in 2017, has been practicing family medicine for 31 years, with extensive experience covering the full spectrum of clinical family medicine, including caring for children beyond the age of two. Throughout this time, he has developed a special interest in working with children who have autism spectrum disorders. His experience encompasses all spectrums of family medicine, spinal manipulation, Chelation therapy, and IV infusion therapy. Focusing on whole body and alternative therapy techniques, he alleviates pain in patients through hands-on osteopathic therapy, manipulation, and nutritional support, with additional experience that encompasses nutritional counseling, diving medicine, Chelation therapy, weight loss, and many areas of holistic medicine and primary care medicine.

He received his degree in osteopathic medicine from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, Maine, then completed his residency and internship at Rocky Mountain Hospital, Denver, Colorado, and Doctors Hospital of Stark County, Massillon, Ohio. He is Board certified, family practice, 1995 ACOFP, and board certified in anti-aging medicine by the International Society of Anti-Aging 2000. Dr. Dornfeld has been a member since 1994, and now a Board member of ACAM, the American College for Advancement in Medicine, He became certified in Chelation therapy in 2010 and recertified in 2017.

He completed his Fellowship training with MAPS- (Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs) in 2013. Recently, he was the only US physician asked to participate in an Autism Summit in Cairo, Egypt, expanding his guidance to help physicians in the Middle East combat the issues associated with recovering children and adults suffering with autism spectrum disorders. His Family Wellness Center is in Middletown, NJ.

Dr Dave speaks nationally and internationally four to ten times per years on average, trying to share his knowledge to help People take better care of their diseases rather than just treating the diseases that they have.