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August 3, 2020

Almost every single doctor did not believe me except for you

Dear Dr. Dave,

Thank you. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me this year. I know I am not technically supposed to be your patient since I was unable to come see you in person but you made the exception to take on my case which is truly kindhearted and generous of you. As I’m sure you know I went to specialist after specialist trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Each one thought I was making my symptoms up, exaggerating and believed I just needed to go to therapy. Almost every single doctor did not believe me except for you. To not be believed when you know something is truly wrong with you is extremely difficult and it made me begin to question myself. I almost started to think that maybe I was being dramatic or exaggerating what I was feeling. Finally having a doctor who took the time to think about my case and actually believe me was everything. And the day you called to give me my diagnosis I almost bursted into tears of both relief and joy. I couldn’t fathom that someone had found the answer, that someone had proved I wasn’t making this up or being crazy, that there was something medically wrong. I have such an immense amount of gratitude and appreciation that I truly can not express in words. I of course am so grateful for the treatments I have been receiving from you that have been helping me to get better each day. Although, more importantly to me I am even more grateful for what you have done for me by finding a diagnosis. To know that this was all not just in my head, to have proof and like I said to be believed provides me with so much relief and a sense of a calm that I can’t even fully explain. You have had such an impact on my life and I owe my recovery (in progress) all to you. I also want you to know the progress I have made so far with the help of your treatments. In January as you know I was unable to get out of bed, stay awake or have a conversation. As I began the antibiotics I started to feel slightly better although I still could not do many things, I could barely even walk down to the end of the block. As I started to feel better I wanted to begin exercising again, after all I love sports, movement and everything it has to offer. I wanted to get back to being me, to be able to participate in daily life. I began following workout videos and to be honest I struggled to get through one for 10 minutes. I kept trying anyway, doing this 10 minute workout from every few days, to everyday. Now I am proud to tell you that I have worked my way up to being able to workout for a full hour almost every day. I know I still have a long road ahead as I still have headaches, fatigue and many other issues but this improvement, this progress is a huge step in my recovery. To even be able to stay awake during the day is a major improvement. And again I owe this all to you. I just want you to know that your hard work and kindness does not go unnoticed. You have helped me so much when no one else could just as I’m sure you have for many others. Thank you again and I hope with your help I can eventually get back to being myself. I hope you have an amazing summer and that we could all see each other soon!

Delphine E.