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November 29, 2017

All around HBOT has been a miracle for our family

Just wanted to give an update on some cool stuff we are seeing with the Hyperbaric Chamber for our second series if using it in our home.

When we did HBOT 3 years ago, we got language out of Calvin. And again, 3 years later, his language has EXPLODED! Prior to this round of HBOT, when he was having a conversation with you he would pause, you could almost see the wheels turning as he was trying to formulate the thoughts, now- he is having back and forth conversations like never before! He has certainly advanced cognitively, he even has a bit of wit and humor, something that was so foreign to him before. He is so much more imaginative in his play and he is more interactive, kind of like speech advancements but almost like he is now more involved in his surroundings.

But I think the biggest improvement this time around is in school! We had his annual IEP today and we were shocked when his teacher asked if we had changed anything at home. He has had such a difficult time with behavior issues this year. For example: the inability to be flexible, unable to transition without a meltdown, tantrums over little things, the inability to calm himself down. It’s been a really rough year for him. But today, she said she is not sure what has changed, but since spring break (2 weeks into having HBOT) HE IS LIKE A NEW KID! No problems at all. He is now easily redirected, he responds to change with no problems, is talking through tough times instead of instant debilitating meltdowns. It’s unbelievable! Even bigger is that they have noticed such improvement, he NO LONGER NEEDS an aide when he goes into the mainstream class for certain subjects. It really is amazing! For the first time I left an IEP with tears of joy, not tears of frustration! Who would have thought oxygen would be the answer?!

Our daughter, (Vivie 5 NT), joins us in the dives and we have noticed significant improvement in her reading and comprehension skills!

Our family member who is staying with us to help with the kids had been in two back to back car accidents prior to coming to stay with us. He is going in as well and has really noticed a huge change in his recovery! He has no shoulder or neck pain any more (He had to take a few semester off of nursing school due to the pain of the accidents).

As far as the recovery from my injury, it has been a lifesaver! I have not needed any pain medication since using the HBOT (1 week post surgery) . And that’s pretty awesome since the projected pain was supposed to last for about 3-4 weeks before seeing improvement! My scars are healing much faster than expected and the Dr’s are impressed with the bone growth thus far!

All around HBOT has been a miracle for our family. Calvin is one of those kids who really has benefited and responded from the use of HBOT. We had suspicion that HBOT might be that last thing that could really help him (again) and we were right! He is such a different kid! THANK YOU!

We look at that VIDEO of CALVIN on you website when he was 3 years younger and we are again amazed how much the biomedical approaches you have recommended to many, the guidance I get from  TACA moms, and Hyperbaric Therapies have made such a huge difference in our Lives!!! ALL FOR THE BETTER.

M.B.- Mother of C. – now age 6