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November 29, 2017

…after completing a few months of treatments, I feel like a new man!

My name is F.G.S Jr. I am now 39 years old and feeling incredibly well. One year ago I was not sure that I would ever be able to say those words. My history goes back a few years to when I first started feeling ill. I went to various Physicians complaining of symptoms including headaches, body-aches, nausea, G.I. problems and a lack of energy. Each doctor would usually treat me with a course of antibiotics (after which I would feel even worse), prescribe a bunch of blood tests, give me a prescription for something and tell me that I would feel fine in a few weeks.

This went on for about three years with my health getting progressively worse and my list of complaints steadily adding up. I was now feeling very depressed, I had lost over 40 pounds, and was not able to work due to my total exhaustion. I had give up on going to any more doctors because none were able to say what was wrong with me, yet the list of medications I was on was growing and growing. I truly looked like a terminally ill person.

I decided that I would give a doctor one more try when I heard about Dr. Dornfeld and his experience in practicing both Traditional and Alternative, or Complimentary Medicine. He listened to my story, took one look at me and said I was probably suffering form a toxic build-up of metals and pesticides, from years of exposure. He indeed quickly confirmed this with a hair analysis and other tests that clearly explained what he had suspected. Dr. Dornfeld immediately started me on a course of I.V. Chelation and vitamin therapy, explaining how the EDTA would help clear my body of what causing so many problems, and the I. V. vitamins would replenish what I was so lacking.

I have to say that now, after completing a few months of treatments, I feel like a new man! My energy is back, I have been able to return to work and I can actually enjoy life once again. My friends now see me and cannot believe that “I am back to my former self.” I have to credit Dr. Dornfeld with doing what I thought no doctor would ever be able to do; diagnosing my illness and giving me back my life. I thank him from the deepest depths of my heart.

With the addition of hyperbaric oxygen chambers to his office, we have been able to add that into my therapy, resulting in an even greater improvement in my quality of life. The combination of these alterative treatments, along with Dr. Dornfeld’s knowledge of diagnosing what many other doctors could not, is absolutely unmatched in any other practice I have visited. I cannot thank him enough.

Thank You again Dr. Dave!