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May 8, 2018

He cured my Lyme Disease where others thought it was in my head. I am now able to return to work and be the head of my household THANK YOU DR. DAVE

After being evaluated by 11 different “specialists, Dr Dornfeld LISTENED to my issues and concerns. He went back into my history and found the reason of my conditions and complaints by THOROUGHLY evaluating my concerns. The Lab tests do NOT alway tell you what is wrond with a person, and Dr Dave was able to spend the qualoty time that was needed for him to treat me and reverse my varied conditions. I had a severe Heavy metal burden which we removed over time safely as we quelched Babesiosis and Lyme disease. My Intestinal tract needed a great deal of Immune boosting and with his huidance , and a variety of quality supplements, He was able to reverse my ailments. I am now head of the household agin, able to return to work and I HAVE ENERGY and DRIVE! My wife is amazed at my improvements.THANK YOU DR. DAVE Since he joined with MDVIP his abnility to spend the needed time with the patienst allows him to EXCEL far above other physicians. The added costs are minimal in comparison to what he delivers. I have sent him my wife and neighbors. He has reversed my neighbors kid with an autistic child to become mainstreamed in school! What a marvelous person he is . Great staff now too.