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November 29, 2017

Dear Doctor Dornfeld,

I first came to you in 2010 with symptoms of fatigue and malaise. Having been to a plethora of doctors prior who could do nothing for my condition. You were the first to diagnose long standing strains of Lyme disease and Hypothyroidism. You advised me of a routine of antibiotics, nutritional supplementation, and a natural thyroid medication (not synthetic), concomitant with the usage of a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to be performed in your office.

In a relatively short period of time my energy began to return,and I decided to continue with the Hyperbaric Chamber for energy maintenance, preventive medicine, and to aid with immunity and overall health. It is now 2012. My Lyme Disease has NOT reoccurred, and the Thyroid numbers are on the mark, more importantly I feel better than I have for many years.

What has really impressed and helped me has been the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in your chambers. I had two separate surgeries for bunions and a hammer toe. I used the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber regularly, and within less than 4 weeks was back in my shoes walking naturally without any pain.The podiatrist said “It was a miracle”! Never has he seen a patient heal so quickly. Many a time I find myself able to compose my sermon for the upcoming weekend much more easily during a Hyperbaric session, as it allows me to concentrate my thoughts and prayers with greater ease.

If it was not for the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy which you recommended, my healing process would have been radically different. As a very busy Roman Catholic Priest I maintain the use of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber not only for energy but for overall good health. My thanks goes to you, and to John Svikhart, your operations manager and Hyperbaric manager, who monitors my use of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, and accommodates my often fluctuating schedule. I RECOMMEND with the use of a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for the multitude of health issues it addresses. God bless you!

Thank you again.

-Father V.J.R,D.D