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December 19, 2017

If I had to describe Dr. Dornfeld in a word it would be “Exceptional”

My relationship with Dr. Dornfeld began in 1988, when one of his patients, a colleague in the school system I had worked in, recommended him for severe back problems.  The doctor’s treatments provided the back pain relief I had been looking for.  Pleased with the results and care I received, little by little I started seeing Dr. Dornfeld for other ailments.  He took an interest in me and my health in general, and it wasn’t long before I was going for regularly scheduled well care visits.  At one particular visit, as part of a normal office examination, Dr. Dornfeld performed a sigmoidoscopy and noticed an abnormality.  He referred me for a colonoscopy, which showed a blockage in my intestine.  Under the care of a surgeon recommended by Dr. Dornfeld, a malignant tumor was removed from my large intestine.  Further testing showed the cancer was completely confined to the tumor and no follow-up treatment was necessary.  The surgeon reported that I was a lucky man to have found the tumor when I did.  My thought was that I was lucky man to have found Dr. Dornfeld when I did.  Had it not been for his thoughtful and thorough approach to treating his patients, my outcome would likely have been very different.

If I wasn’t a devoted patient up to that point, I certainly was from then on.  I continued receiving quality medical care on a regular basis.  My wife had joined me as a patient.  Routine office visits included blood work and a variety of tests that covered all aspects of our well being.  Dr. Dornfeld recommended health care maintenance plans for us based on our age and personal needs that included vitamins and supplements for preventative care and our general good health.  He encouraged a healthy diet and exercise plan to help us stay one step ahead of the game.  In 2000, we started Chelation therapy.  After reading materials on the benefits, and discussing the advantages with the doctor, we decided it was right for us. We continue to receive Chelation Therapy monthly at his office and share similiar fabulous results with the other very intelligent people who are interested in  Preventive Medical Care.

In 2006, another life changing experience occurred when my dentist noticed swelling on the left side of my throat.  Upon reporting it to Dr. Dornfeld, he recommended a specialist who determined that my Parotid Gland should be removed.  There was no suspicion of cancer, but surprisingly, a biopsy of the removed gland showed a malignancy, and this time, follow-up treatment was necessary.  A series of radiation and chemotherapy treatments was prescribed.  Dr. Dornfeld consulted and advised throughout the entire process.  He followed up during my office visits, kept in contact with the doctors providing treatment, and was continually involved in the decision making process.  I relied on his expertise.  I trusted him and was cautious about proceeding with any treatment unless he knew about it.  When the cancer treatments ended, Dr. Dornfeld helped me get back to normal by administering Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and intravenous Vitamin C treatments.  I recovered completely, have been cancer free for almost 4 years, and continue with the Vitamin C treatments to keep myself feeling strong and healthy.

After 22 years as a patient, if I had to describe Dr. Dornfeld in a word it would be “Exceptional”.  He’s a knowledgeable doctor who provides expert care and believes in what he’s doing.  He is on top of the latest medical trends and his contacts include specialists who are top in their field.  No matter what ailment we go to him with, he is educated on the subject, answers all our questions and helps us make healthy life style choices that keep us feeling well.  He listens to us, and is truly interested.  He treats my wife and me like family, excitedly sharing stories about his medical successes, and even his personal adventures and travels.  He encourages us to stay active, his motto being, “Don’t slow down, that’s when you get old”.  So, at 83 years young, I’m grateful for Dr. Dornfeld’s care which has enabled me to continue doing the things I love, things that keep me young and sharp like golfing, skiing and officiating football, basketball and softball, and mostly what I cherish more than anything, spending time with my family.  Over the years more of my family members have started seeing Dr. Dornfeld, and have found the same quality expert care that I have.  If you ask my son-in-law what the best thing about Dr. Dornfeld is, he’ll jokingly tell you “He’s a Jets fan!!”, but we know that the best thing is that he’s a one of a kind doctor, and we are blessed to have found such a giving, compassionate person to care for us.

B.Z. ( age 83 now)