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December 19, 2017

I feel strong and much clearer with these therapies…

In 2007, I first had an Embolic stroke. At that time I was also diagnosed with factor V Leiden blood deficiency and put on coumadin and lovonox. Seven days after being discharged from the hospital I had a hemorrhagic stroke. I was unable to drive for one year. I had inpatient treatment of cognitive, PT, OT therapy for 11 days. Then, I continued for one year as an out patient with PT, OT and cognitive therapy, three times a week.

In late September 2009, I tried the Hyperbaric chamber treatment. I was able to notice some improvement in a short time. After 26 hours of treatment, my mind was able to focus, make clear decisions, and my balance was much better, and I am back to walking a 1/2 hour daily,. I have been able to work out at the gym about once a week. As of January 2011, I am continuing with the Hyper baric therapy once a week. In addition I also have acupuncture two to three times a week. I also added a detoxification program with intravenous Chelation therapy. I feel strong and much clearer with these therapies now and look forward to the continuing to reverse the damage from the stroke, the environment, and continue to reverse my memory loss.

Thank you for your sincere caring and your help!

K.O. — DOB 1-31-1942