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December 19, 2017

We are forever grateful to Dr. Dornfeld and his incredibly caring staff.

Patient: M.B.
Condition: Asperger’s Syndrome
Number of Treatments: 60+

It was one year ago this month, that we all embarked on an unknown Journey with our son Mike. We came to you seeking help for Mike’s Asperger’s Syndrome symptoms. We were frustrated with the traditional Doctors, treatments and educational protocols that did not benefit Mike at all. He was on Psychotropic medication at a young age for behavior and attention.

After an initial consultation, we began Hyperbaric Treatments three times per week. After about the sixth treatment, we slowly began to see positive changes. We decided not to inform our school district at first. We wanted to see if Mike’s “educational team” saw a difference. Finally, the call came! The school noticed a dramatic change in our son, and then we told the Child Study Team about the HBOT treatments. He had phenomenal gains both in academics and behavior.

Mike “Took the summer off” from his treatment. I was leery of possible regression, but I agreed with him. He had little regression.

Just a few short years ago, we didn’t see a light at the tunnel for Mike. This summer he left home for the first time, to attend a Leadership Conference in New Hampshire. We were told that the other attendees (all non-disabled young men), did not notice that Mike was different in any way. After graduation this year, Mike is preparing to live in an independent living environment while attending college. Mike has become a different person thanks to the knowledge and expertise of Dr. David Dornfeld.

We believe that if we hadn’t found Dr. Dornfeld, Mike would not be anywhere close to where he is today.

We are forever grateful to him and his incredibly caring staff.

The combined Hyperbaric and IV Chelation therapies had a positive effect on Mike’s school grades. Mike went from a D- student to a B+ / A- student.