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November 29, 2017

I … have gone from extremely ill to almost well in less than 2 months…

Dr. Dornfeld, I wanted to write to compliment you on the extraordinary health care services offered at your Family Wellness Center.

As you know, I have suffered from chronic health problems for over 15 years and, in 2007, developed a severe systemic fungal infection, including most of my digestive tract. I lost 60 pounds over the course of the infection, became unable to work. I was hospitalized 4 times in early December due to the severity of my condition, which alluded over a dozen doctors at some of the most highly regarded hospitals in NYC and NJ, while my condition grew worse daily.

Not only were you able to readily test for and confirm the suspected infection, but you also found extremely high levels of toxic metals in my system that no other doctor has ever tested for or suggested as a potential cause for my chronic health problems.

Fortunately, your center offers a wide variety of unique treatment options, all of which are helping me to recover fairly quickly. Due to the severity of my condition, I chose to take advantage of all of the following options, including:

• IV vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid drips to fight the fungal infection as well as symptoms of arthritis.
• IV Chelation to remove toxic metals and improve my cardiovascular health.
• Glutathione pushes to give me increased energy.
• Hyperbaric oxygen therapy to increase oxygen throughout my cells to speed healing.
• Acupuncture to treat pain, stress, and other symptoms of the infection.
• Massage therapy for pain and stress.
• Dietary supplements (anti-fungal, antioxidants, energy, general health, etc.).
• Mainstream medication, including safe alternatives to narcotic and anti-inflammatory medications that had been previously prescribed in very high doses.

I found each of the above treatment options to be very effective as part of my overall treatment and, as a result, have gone from extremely ill to almost well in less than 2 months. Thanks to these treatments and related dietary changes, I no longer show any signs of being pre-diabetic, and my blood pressure is better than it’s ever been, without medication.

Aside from the treatments, I also want to compliment you and your staff, all of whom are extremely knowledgeable and courteous and have played such an important role in my ongoing recovery. Thanks to all of you, I expect to be able to go back to work in the next month or two.

I am, of course, extremely grateful and recommend you, your staff, and the Family Wellness Center every chance I get.

Many Thanks!