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December 19, 2017

The hyperbaric chamber is the only reason which allowed me to recuperate so fast

Patient: M.K. age 56
Fractured leg/ankle

I would like to share my successful experience with the hyperbaric chamber. June 17 2008, I fell and broke my left lateral leg/ankle. On June 19th I went to the Orthopedic Surgeon. He stated the bone would take a minimum of six months to heal, then another 3-6 months of Physical Therapy. I had to be back to work at an assisted living facility within 6 months or else I would lose my job, permanently. My job involves lifting and pushing residents in Gerri-chairs and wheel chairs, serving in dietary, and not being permitted to sit down. I had to be completely healed and physically able to do my job by October 30th, 2008, or I lost my benefits and job which supports my family. At my age, I would not be able to find a job easily elsewhere and was at a loss. I spoke with my Family Physician, Dr David Dornfeld, and he recommended a course of intensified Hyperbaric Therapy to try to expedite the healing process, and perhaps save my job.

At the hospital the doctor was going to give me a powerful narcotic, oxycodone. I told him I would only take anti-inflammatory medications. I know too many people who get addicted to pain killers. I also utilized massage therapy, meditation, vitamins, acupuncture and the Hyperbaric Chamber; all services offered at Dr. Dornfeld’s Family Wellness Center.

On June 30th 2008, I went to the orthopedic surgeon. I started loosing circulation in my left ankle and both legs were bothering me from the fall. Plus, I had numbness in my left toes and could not move them. Before the treatments in the Hyperbaric chamber, my symptoms were numbness, pain, swelling, body was sore from the fall, as well as, the crutches pinching nerves in my arm pits and right hip pain. I couldn’t sleep; I kept getting cramps, migraines due to muscle spasms.

Here is a timeline of my Hyperbaric Chamber experience and successes. On July 1 2008, it was the first day of the chamber treatment. John helped me into the chamber because of my cast and I could not put pressure on my left leg. After this, all staff members assisted me until I was able to do this on my own. As John zipped up the chamber, I could always see his reassuring smile, and I was very comfortable. As soon as the chamber was filled, I felt the swelling of the ankle go down because the cast would get loose. I felt pressure where the bone was broken. My toes were no longer numb and I could move them up and down since my accident of June 17 2008, the foot felt warmer and tingling.

I was shocked. The left leg and foot had more color. That night I went to bed and rested. The sole of the left ankle pulsated and tingled all night; the heel was also pulsating. I had intense pulsating, but not pain. The blood was trying to circulate thru scar tissue from past injuries, as well as, the left calf up to and behind the knee. The previously painful area in my abdomen that had previous surgery in 1993 had also eased up. I had a healthy feeling there, a feeling which I had not experienced since 1993.

On July 2 2008, I realized before my accident I was a shoe-size eight and a half. After my accident I was a size ten and a half, from swelling. After the second treatment I fit into my sneakers. I felt as if I had electrical currents going up and my legs. My shoulder joints were getting loser. My friends noticed I had more energy. On July 3 2008, pulsations continued. I went approximately five times a week in the hyperbaric chamber. On July 1 2008, first time I slept thru the night. I felt a big change by the middle of July. I started physical therapy three times a week. My energy level continued to increase, I felt less pain.

Six weeks after my Hyperbaric treatment started, I saw the surgeon. I told him about the Hyperbaric Chamber. The x-ray showed that the broken bone was half healed which would have typically taken three months. It was funny to see his jaw drop with my results. He stated he had never seen a bone heal so fast. I was able to start limited Physical therapy. I did this without addictive drugs.

Every day of the week I went to either; the Hyperbaric chamber, Physical therapy, acupuncture, and massages. My goal was to be back at work and not loose my job. Before my accident I exercised daily, walked with weights and treadmill up to 30 miles a day. On August 1 2008, I started walking on the treadmill at 0.5mph I did get upset, but I knew everything would come back. By the end of August I was up to 1.5-2.5mph for one mile. Beginning of September I graduated to the walking cane. Everyday I would walk with books on my head for balance and do a slow cha- cha for movement.

Middle of September 2008 I returned to the surgeon the bone was totally healed in three months. The surgeon was amazed at the quick healing powers of the Hyperbaric Chamber. I needed to build up my strength in order to work a full day. On October 28 2008, I returned to work five and a half months after the accident. It was just under six months and I did not loose my job.

The Hyperbaric Chamber is the only reason, complementing it with good diet, acupuncture, massage, medication, physical therapy, which allowed me to recuperate in less than six months instead of one year, as is typical with the same fracture tha I had. At no time did I ever take a pain killer. It is a shame modern medicine does not acknowledge these treatments. On January 9 2009, I actually played basketball. I wasn’t able to do this for many years and here is a 56 year old playing ball.

June of 2009, was one year ago I had my accident. I was back up to 3.5-4.0 on my treadmill, no arthritic pains, even when the weather changes. I am enjoying life, working and dancing. Yes, I am careful and both feet are on the ground. The chamber also helped me to loose 30 pounds.

As I walked into the Doctor’s office, his staff would encourage me, especially when I had a few set backs because I pushed to hard. Doctor Dornfeld has been our family doctor since 1993. My son had a critical case of Lyme disease which he helped to treat successfully. His knowledge and experience has been healing my family for 17 years now. I turned to him when I broke my left ankle, he suggested to try to aid the healing with the use of the Hyperbaric Chamber. He assured me of all the potential benefits. I must admit I was a little nervous, but I knew it would work. I am very grateful for everything Dr. D has done for me and my family.