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May 8, 2018

Improved health and excellent care is possible with the kind and caring help of Dr. David Dornfeld.

I have known Dr. David Dornfeld, DO for quite a long time, I have been his patient since the mid 1980’s. For that I am very fortunate. Much of the useable knowledge and motivation to focus on maintaining and improving my health came from information Dr. Dornfeld has shared. Dr. Dave as he welcomes being called by those who know and applicate him, will explain that he sees his role as a teacher. That role he assumes is wisdom in motion. Many can visit a doctor, be examined and treated and given prescriptive actions; but we should all ask ourselves every time we visit the doctor what have we learned. The reason is that, as we all know, knowledge is power. In the case of knowledge shared about you or a loved-one by Dr. Dave or any caring doctor who takes the time to explain while we listen actively, offers a chance to improve our own plight or that of someone we care for.

Our world has many risk factors, many are man made, environmental or in lifestyle choices. Risk factors that if ignored, shorten our lives and degrade our health and quality of life. A doctor could just see you on a visit ask you what’s wrong and treat you for it, perhaps diagnose and write you a script and render some instructions and ask you to come back at some time, and that is of course important. Maybe they will assure you have your a physical annually. What is different about Dr. Dave is that he treats the whole person – not every doctor can nor may care or need to due to several factors.

By joining MDVIP a few years ago, Dr. Dave explained he did so such that he could treat patients in the manner in which he choose to practice. I believe his choice helps me have a better life and to maintain improved health. There are costs involved, no doubt, but the cost of illness is higher in so many ways, both measurable and immeasurable, then the cost of health and happiness. So when Dr. Dave advises a supplement, a treatment or a lifestyle change,I listen and seek to follow as I have learned my health is maintained or improves.

Over the years. Dr. Dave and his practice has helped charities I have served within. I too have helped Dr. Dave in charities he serves. I can attest that Dr. Dave is valuable to the local and global community aside to being valuable to my wife and I.

My wife and I have moved an hour away from Dr. Dave’s office. We make the trip, invest the time and the cost. The reason is, the value in seeing Dr. Dave is high and worth the costs.

Being healthy, I believe, is a blessing, as well, and at least equally important the application of wisdom. With this in mind, improved health and excellent care is possible with the kind and caring help of Dr. David Dornfeld.