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February 14, 2018

I just wanted to let you know about my personal health journey towards healing at your facility, which was nothing short of miraculous, due to your PA, Juliane Everest…

Dear Dr. Dornfeld,
I just wanted to let you know about my personal health journey towards healing at your facility, which was nothing short of miraculous…
When I initially called Family Wellness Center I wanted to see you due to your reputation, but you were very booked. I was so desperate to see a physician, I went to the PA recommended by the receptionist. I was very hesitant to go to a Physician’s Assistant, as it was my mistaken belief they did not have enough practical experience. Despite my hesitation, my husband urged me to go and drove me there as I was incapable of driving myself. He pointed out that often times, PAs were very diligent and resourceful in their quest for answers.
I had just left my job at a Fortune 100 Bank on Wall Street, due to my then undiagnosed illness. I truly had no hopes for the appointment, as I had visited nearly 30 renowned physicians in NYC and none could find answers to my condition. Then I was introduced to Ms. Everest.
After gleaning bits and pieces of information from some of NYC’s most prominent physicians, Juliane Everest looked over all my testing and really analyzed the entire picture. She listened to me, ordered additional tests and at my second visit, she pieced everything together.  Julianne Everest, PA truly saved my life.
I had inflammation throughout my entire body. It turned out that not only did I have Hashimoto’s Disease (an autoimmune thyroid condition), but also had several active viral infections AND Lyme disease complicated by an extremely weak immune system. When I went to Ms. Everest, I was barely able to function and was extremely depressed. The depression was due to my lack of answers by supposedly some of the best educated doctors in Manhattan. NOT ONE OF NYC’s FINEST DOCTORS could figure out what was wrong with me. Upon her diagnosis, everything finally made sense. Not only did she treat the viral conditions effectively, but she cured my Lyme disease. Before I went to your facility, I honestly felt my life was over & there was no reason for me to live, except for my 5 year old daughter.
I had many, many additional co-infections. She treated my adrenal fatigue, which was the root cause of everything due to my high stress job on Wall Street. She went further and uncovered my vitamin deficiencies: I had the MTHFR gene mutation, which meant I was not properly absorbing Vitamin B and Folic Acid & she promptly treated me for that. That was when I finally got some energy back and it was AMAZING! She also did a course of Vitamin C/Complex B infusions to put my viral infections back in remission, after treating the Lyme bacteria. Those changed my life and I still try to get them whenever I can. She also treated yeast, as my blood was positive for Candida and educated me on Leaky Gut and what I needed to do to heal, diet wise & supplement wise. Finally, she put me on a tiny dose of LDN to boost my immune system. It got rid of my chronic allergies & migraines which would debilitate me daily.
Right now, we are actively monitoring my thyoid, as well as retesting for the JCV Virus, as I am currently having some minor neurological symptoms. But my quality of life has improved 95% due to Ms. Everest.
I am very active on Facebook support groups for people with the many, many conditions that I have and every time I tell them to go to Family Wellness Center. I am happy to say many people have gone to her from my referral.
I’m also happy to report I am actually going on JOB INTERVIEWS. I NEVER thought I would work again. I truly thought my career was over.
If you knew me and my personality, I give praise very sparingly — and I just can’t say enough complimentary things about Ms. Everest. Not only is she highly intelligent and thoughtful, but she is thorough, dedicated and solution driven. She provided a comprehensive medical plan, when NO OTHER doctor I visited (dozens) bothered to. They all said there was NOTHING they could do to help me. She is literally my savior and the only doctor I now trust.
I’m sure you are used to people writing with complaints about this and that, and I have never actually written like this to a doctor before, but I wanted you to know that I am just so very thankful for your clinic and for Ms. Everest.
I sincerely hope you never go out of business because you have a patient for life… and I will not stop spreading the word to all the people who are suffering needlessly.
All the best,