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November 29, 2017

A Note from a Lyme Patient

Because of Dr. Dornfeld, I am feeling much better. It is as I made a 360 degree turn around in regards to my health.

  1. My swollen feet are no longer swollen. I can feel and see my ankles now. Wearing the support hose and Hyperbaric oxygen therapy worked for me.
  2. Lesions on my legs have gotten lighter and the leather feeling is gone. The skin on my legs is soft now.
  3. I am thinking clearer, and memory is so much better.
  4. Hair is not falling out any longer
  5. Hopefully the Lyme spirochetes have diminished in quantity and I am on the mend, and the Lyme Disease is in remission.
  6. I have so much energy!
  7. I have less pain and I have not felt this way in 12 plus years.

Doctor Dornfeld, I thank you so much for giving me your time and treating me as a whole patient. Thank you for taking me on as your patient. I feel that it is a privilege to be under your care and I pray to God that you continue to be the great doctor that you are. Words can never express my appreciation but they do come from my heart.

-D.S.F, January 7, 2012