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December 19, 2017

Quick Synopsis of M.F.’s Great Progress due to Dr. David Dornfeld’s Protocol

My son, Mitchell is a 7 yr old boy diagnosed with Encephalopathy due to ischemic hypoxic event at birth, along with PDD-NOS, Apraxia and Dyspraxia. We have been under Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) practices since November 2006. We began diet intervention, followed by MB-12 shots, and various courses of anti-fungal therapy. When we started, Mitchell had little to no expressive language and used a Dynavox MT4 device to help him speak. Additionally, Mitchell undertook excessive self-stimulatory behavior due to his lack of sensory integration which was preventing him from being included in the mainstream classroom. After an MRI in August 2007 revealed brain damage to the thalamus and right rear temporal lobe and cerebellum, we proceeded to undertake mHBOT (mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) with Family Wellness Center. After completing 45 sessions in January 2008, it was apparent that more speech and motor planning capabilities were evident. It was decided to continue more mHBOT therapy with Dr. Dornfeld as our new DAN! doctor. Additionally, he discovered high Strep Titers count in Mitchell (PANDAS), and put him on antibiotic therapy which was quite successful.

After starting this therapy and completing another 20 sessions of mHBOT at the end of March 2008, Mitch was re-tested for a 3 day EEG, which for the first time, was uneventful. Another 45 mHBOT sessions were completed in June 2008, with antibiotic therapy completed in October 2008. Mitchell lost his Apraxia diagnosis!!!!! We gave back the MT4 Dynavox speech device to the school system in November 2008 as he no longer needed it. Additionally, he had a normal reading of Strep A titers with slightly elevated Strep B titers. From November 2008 through January 2009, another 80 sessions were completed using mHBOT, with a grand total of over 200 sessions. Our latest labs indicate a mild mercury effect from moderate to high, most pathogenic bacteria and fungus diminished, and Neopterin/Biopterin levels in the low green (normal), where before it was in the high red (extremely elevated inflammatory marker – red) Basically, his inflammation was off the charts.

Now, Mitchell is mainstreamed in first grade getting A’s and B’s, and plays on the local (typical children) recreational league for soccer and basketball with no special assistance. Mitchell now has several friends and gets invited regularly to play dates. Even though we still have more protocol and therapy to go in order to lose his diagnosis, it is apparent that Mitchell’s quality of life as well as our family’s life has improved fivefold. I no longer want to hide my son from the rest of the world and he now wants to join in. Most people do not know that he is a special needs child until they have spent quite a bit of time with him, and by then, he has charmed them over.

For any parent wanting to contemplate DAN! Protocol or even mHBOT, I would highly recommend the office and staff of Dr. David Dornfeld, at Family Wellness Center. Not only do I feel that everyone empathizes with our situation but truly want to see success, and will try whatever means possible to help you help your child.

Lorry F., AKA Mitchell’s mom