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December 19, 2017

It was as if a small miracle happened…

Patient: H.K.
Condition: Parkinson’s Disease
Number of Treatments: 40

In mid-2005, my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Since there is no definitive test for PD, it became a process of elimination. He had the usually outside symptoms: slowness of motion, stiffness, facial rigidity, etc. While these symptoms were mild, there was one disturbing action, a delayed reaction to mental input and response. It was as if his brain was in slow motion. The following year has been spent on medication with no apparent changes in his manifestation.

Fortunately, our chiropractor introduced us to Dr. Dave Dornfeld and his mild hyperbaric chamber therapy. We opted for 1 hour/day, 6 days/week, for forty sessions.

It was two weeks into the treatment that I noticed changes began to occur. His agility and balance improved, as did his facial mobility. A week or so later while shopping, he began to whistle. Within the next week, he began singing. It was as if a small miracle happened, since he had not whistled or sang for over one year. It truly was a great joy. But the greatest effect was that he no longer had the mental “time delay.” Dr. Dornfeld was right when he told me, “You have your husband back.”