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August 6, 2018

The results I experienced were astonishing!

Dr. Dornfeld,

Approximately four years ago, I started experiencing health problems which eventually evolved into conditions which were inexplicable. Looking back over this period I seem to recall they first started with gastrological issues. Later they seemed to evolve into many other medical problems ranging from headaches, neuropathy, eye issues, fatigue and other sensitivities to mention a few. In a few words, I felt my body was shutting down.

These conditions prompted visits with numerous specialists: internists, gastroenterologists, as well as neurologists and cardiologists. As part of my search for resolution to these conditions, I also had an extensive work up at a hospital. With options and solutions running at a desperate state, the possibility of homeopathic cures and heavy metal poisoning was suggested to me. This process led me to Dr. Dornfeld’s office approximately 14 months ago.

Through extensive testing, along with his expertise and dedication, as well as his professional staff, I began a regime the doctor set forward- chelation therapy coupled with supplements and guidance. The results I experienced were astonishing! My health has nearly made a total turn around, not only obvious to myself, but to those around me, family as well as friends.

To say “without your health you have nothing” is a truism. I will always be grateful to Dr. Dornfeld and his staff for their knowledge, professionalism and compassion.

Thank you… from one grateful patient!

George S.