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December 19, 2017

The results were amazing…

Dear Emily and Dr Dornfeld,

My wife and I just wanted to thank you for all your help with our son. We can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done to help him take control of his life.

Our son has always shown a tendency to be mildly ritualistic and has always thrived in an environment of routine. However, when he entered adolescence, his ritualistic tendencies took on a life of their own and blossomed into a severe case of OCD almost overnight. Pre-occupied with illogical fears of cleanliness that placed his twin sibling at the core of his contamination obsession it was impossible for him to live a normal life. Schoolwork, homework were an impossibility. Driven by fears of contamination, he sequestered himself in his room from the minute he came home from school, even fun became an unpleasant chore for our son.

Desperate to find answers (and a solution) my wife and I researched and tried everything. We went to a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT), we brought him to a psychiatrist, we purchased books. None of the treatments seemed to work. The CBT therapist found our son to be a challenge and my wife and I came to the conclusion that traditional CBT therapy was not appropriate for his strong-willed personality.

Just when my wife and I were at the end of our ropes, not knowing where to turn next, Dr Dornfeld referred us to Emily. Emily is amazing. Emily took the time to understand our son and spent countless hours getting to know him. Emily understood our son and took the approach that was best suited for HIM. No boring lists, or steps or long drawn out lectures on what he was doing wrong and what he needed to do to overcome his compulsions. Emily took her understanding of what made our son tick and blended it with traditional therapy and guided meditation. Emily approached the therapy in a way that made it interesting to our son. Emily didn’t lecture him, she enabled him and inspired him. Emily attacked the problem on multiple fronts, making audio recordings of guided meditation for him to listen to when he wasn’t with her. Our son listened to the recordings prior to going to bed.

The results were amazing. Our son was eager to go to his weekly sessions with Emily — something he didn’t do with any of the other therapists. His willingness to take on the compulsions grew stronger by the week. His self-esteem and inner-strength grew to the point where he began confronting compulsions on his own. After about 6 months of therapy, he has finally reached a point where he’s conquered all of his major compulsions and is capable of living an enjoyable life. He still has mild ritualistic tendencies and habitual patterns, but, thanks to Emily, he now has the tools to take on those tendencies if and when they return. Thanks to Emily his quality of life has drastically improved.

We have our son back, and we can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done to make that happen. It is wonderful to see our son doing the things that used to make him happy and not being preoccupied with the illogical distractions of OCD.

Thank You.

B.F. and C.F.