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November 29, 2017

I would urge you to seriously consider this alternative therapy…

Patient: C. B.
Chelation Therapy Patient

For many years I listened with great interest to the endless stream of amazing stories my parents would recount upon returning from their monthly Chelation Treatments. I determined then, some 20 years ago, that “some day” I would also take these treatments to prevent heart disease and circulatory problems which had plagued my parents. These treatments proved successful in enhancing and extending their lives far beyond their predicted longevity.

A sudden TIA hastened my “some day”. I joined the host of others who were finding new life through these artery cleansing, circulation enhancing IVs. My list of amazing stories increased rapidly as I listened first hand to those who had been afflicted with metal toxicity, heart disease and diabetes, most having cardiac surgeries in their histories. For many, usually at the urging of a friend, trying Chelation was a last ditch effort to hang onto their life – a hope whereby they might attain some measure of health and possibly eradicate their pain and shortness of breath upon even slight exertion. For them, the results of these treatments far exceeded their expectations. For me, Chelation Treatments have kept my arteries clear while feeling younger and more energetic than a 73 year old should.

Over the years of my experience with Chelation, I have watched many lives change – most now actively engaged in pain-free, occupational and recreational activity. It strongly confirmed to me that Chelation is one of the best and wisest things anyone can do for their heart, circulation and overall health. I would urge you to seriously consider this alternative therapy as a way to a richer, longer, healthier life.