IV Therapies / Nutritional Support

It is with great pleasure to have a very skillful, painless IV Nurses with us for more than 20 years . Both Aggie Linder and Patty Faccas have been working with Dr. Dornfeld and helping patients thrive. Their teamwork approach help guide the patients thru great kindness, compassion and dedication. This allows for patients to be placed at ease for the intravenous therapies available. Our patients return for the needed IV therapies regularly knowing that their needs will be met with their combined professional abilities.

How Vitamin C Works Intravenously

When vitamin C enters the bloodstream intravenously, instead of being consumed orally, it takes on a different power. When taken orally, it must pass through the digestive system. The gut does not absorb it very efficiently, especially in people with digestive problems. And after it is absorbed, it is excreted quickly by the kidneys and very little actually makes its way to the bloodstream.

When vitamin C is delivered directly into a vein, however, it bypasses the gut and kidneys. This causes a drastic increase of vitamin C levels in the bloodstream – levels thousands of times higher than can be achieved with an oral supplement.

At such high levels, the vitamin does something curious: It transforms from an antioxidant into a pro-oxidant. This means it attacks and damages cells rather than protecting them. But it doesn’t damage normal cells. Rather, it attacks cancer cells or other abnormal cells.

“Normal cells have the machinery and chemistry to stamp out that oxidative effect,” Dr. Drisko says. “But cancer cells and abnormal cells, because they are more primitive, don’t have that ability. They are harmed, while normal cells are unharmed.”

This process, which is still not entirely understood, is why vitamin C can be a cancer-killing agent for some people. Researchers have established that the therapy is safe.

Long journey toward acceptance

Much is still unknown about the effects of IV vitamin C. This is because the therapy was not accepted in the medical establishment for several decades.

In the 1960s and ‘70s, two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling advocated for the therapy as a treatment for different conditions. But two clinical trials during the 1970s demonstrated no effect from high-dose vitamin C. Research stalled for about two decades.

Alternative and complementary medicine practitioners, however, continued to offer the therapy. One of those practitioners was Hugh Riordan, MD, an integrative physician who practiced in Wichita. He teamed with Mark Levine, MD, a researcher for the National Institutes of Health who was studying vitamin C, to publish case reports about patients benefiting from IV vitamin C therapy in the 1990s. Then, Dr. Levine made a discovery: The 1970s clinical trials had tested high doses of vitamin C taken orally, not intravenously. It was clear that the vitamin had much different effects when delivered directly into the bloodstream.
Since then, research on IV vitamin C has taken off.
The treatment is not right for every cancer patient, but for some, it can be a powerful cancer-fighting weapon.

Hundreds of patients receive IV vitamin C infusions at The University of Kansas Health System each year, and many other centers in the country . We at family Wellness center administer IV vitamin C when needed since 1994, in doses ranging from 10 grams to 100 grams, and sometimes in combination with other nutrients. Depending on a person’s health issue, infusions can range from several times per week or just once a week, with each treatment taking an hour or longer, depending on dosage. Many Intergrative Wellness Centers around the world administer Intravenous Vitamin C or other Intravenous health improving cocktails up tp 5 days per week, in order to support the patients overall health needs. It is an extremely SAFE therapy for patinets, and the results many times are quite impressive.

Potential infusion patients start with a consultation and blood testing to determine if the therapy is appropriate and safe. The treatment is not right for every cancer patient or every non cancer patient, but for some, it can be a powerful cancer-fighting and immune boosting weapon.

“I’ve seen remarkable recovery with infectious disease, Lyme disease, viral infections, etc,, particularly if it’s started early in the course of the infection,” Dr. Dornfeld says. “People feel better emotionally when they’re taking IV vitamin C and report more energy. I’ve also seen some remarkable recoveries from cancer – with the caveat that it doesn’t always work, because cancer is a chronic, complex, horrible disorder. However they feel much stronger usually despite the devastating illness that they are trying to combat.”

We also offer Intavenous Vitamin Nutrient enhancing formulas as well as, IV Glutithione, which is the Most important Intracellular Anitoxidant. It helps potentiate the detoxifiaction capabilitys of each cell and can markedly improve many neurological conditions, such as Parkisons Disease, MS, ALS and Autism etc, just to mane a few. “Myer’s Cocktails” are quick IV pushes ( administered over 3-10 minutes) which help restore health and reverse fatigue in many. It helps get specific vitamins into people who have many different malabsorption problems as well. Phospatidyl Choline infusions with Glutithione (P-K protocol) help enhance detox and cellular membrane stabilization. These infusions have been used world wide to support and in many cases enhance cellular function, detoxifiaction capabilities, neurologic deficienies, and help wioth the herzheimer problems seen in Lyme disorders and candidiasis, among other conditions. P-K Protocols incorporate both oral and intravenous Phospholipid exchange. This can stabilize the cell membrane structures, allowing for better cellular integrity, detoxification ability, and overall function. It has been extremely beneficial in many neurological and age related disorders.

Chelation Therapy/Heavy Metal Detoxification

For decades, people around the world have benefited from chelation therapy. It is a safe and effective non-surgical treatment used by many practitioners. Chelation therapy is comprised of intravenous treatments using several different man-made amino acids, such as EDTA, DMSA, and DMPS. The treatment is designed to help you feel better and live your life with more vitality.

Chelation therapy is effective in the treatment of heart disease and peripheral vascular disease. In addition, chelation improves blood flow to the organs throughout the body, making it an effective treatment for fatigue and memory loss. It also reduces inflammation by neutralizing oxygen free radicals. Finally, chelation therapy is the only treatment for heavy metal burden and detoxification. Heavy metals are elements that exist in the environment as industrial pollutants and contaminants. The most toxic heavy metals are lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. Analysis of the blood, hair, and urine can determine if a patient is overburdened with these elements.

For more information about Heavy Metal Detoxification, please visit http://www.mercurypoisoned.com/chuck_balzer.html

Questions And Answers


When blood vessels are blocked by calcification, cholesterol, or inflammation reduction of blood flow is seen, thus starving vital organs for oxygen and other nutrients. This then causes the cell walls to become weakened, allowing calcium, sodium and other elements to enter. When calcium accumulates to a critical point, deposits form, like concrete. This can cause coronaries and other arteries to go into spasm, reducing the blood supply to vital organs.


Chelation therapy promotes health by increasing the blood flow with enhanced collateral circulation. EDTA removes metallic irritants, allowing leaky and damaged cell walls to heal. Scientific studies have proven that blood flow improves after chelation. Your doctor will discuss a complete program with you that should include regular exercise, vitamin and mineral supplements, proper nutrition and avoiding tobacco and other damaging habits.


Chelation therapy is a very safe medical procedure. Over 400,000 patient have been treated with chelation and not one death has been directly caused by chelation, when it is properly administered by a physician who is fully trained and competent in the use of this therapy. Side effects are possible, as with all drug therapies. You may experience vein irritation, mild pain, headache and fatigue. Occasionally a mild fever occurs. Adjusting the frequency and length of treatments easily controls these side effects. Side effects usually diminish after a few treatments. Most people do not experience any side effects at all.


If you experience chest pain or leg pain while walking; shortness of breath; discoloration in your feet; transient loss of vision; paralysis; or rapidly failing memory, see your doctor! Any unexplained or persistent symptoms that affect your heart, head or limbs should be explored for circulatory problems.


Physicians must take courses to train in the safe use of chelation therapy. The American College for Advancement in Medicine offers these courses twice a year. Dr Dave Dornfeld has taken the Certifying Course for administering Chelation therapy in 2010 and again recertified in 2017. He has been trained and has treated hundreds of very satisfied patients since 1994, combining IV chelation therapies with many other integrative options to improve peoples health outcomes.

The FDA has approved chelation therapy for the treatment of lead poisoning and several other conditions. Treatment for collateral circulation is not yet an “insurance based” allowable claim for inclusion in the marketing literature of EDTA, despite high qulaity improvements seen with patients worldwide as well as the results from the TACT trial. However with the rise of Heavy metal pollution in our environment, and the huge associated link to; Auto- Immune disease, Autism and other neurologic disorders, elevated Whole blood levels of many metals are usually being considered medically necessary for insurance companies to help with claims for Chelation therapy treatments.

The Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT) was the first large-scale, “Double Blind Placebo Controlled” multicenter study designed to determine the safety and efficacy of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) chelation therapy for individuals with coronary artery disease (CAD) and prior myocardial infarction (MI).

The study was conducted at 134 research sites in the United States and Canada. The research sites represented a mix of clinical settings — university or teaching hospitals, clinical practices or cardiology research centers, and chelation practices. A total of 1,708 patients were randomized — 839 patients to chelation and 869 patients to placebo. Participants were at least 50 years old, had a myocardial infarction (MI) at least six weeks prior to enrollment.

The results showed that those who recieved 40 treatments of EDTA chelation therapy, had an improvement in Diabetics of reducing the need for cardiac procedures, hospital admissions, stroke concerns, or death by 38%- verses those who recieved placebo. Also studied were patients with a history of previous Anterior mycoardial infarction – had a 37% reduction in the recurrant concerns as the same endpoints as above verses those who recived a placebo. Further studies are underway and hopefully there will be a broader acceptance by physicans and insurance companies nationwide, as the data continues to show these great benefits.